September Events

Hello Troop 7,
Here is an outline of the events which were planned for September.  Dates and times may change, and more details will be sent out.

9/14/2015: 1st Meeting
We will start by doing the flag ceremony, followed by a presentation on how to make survival bracelets using paracord.  Everyone will be able to make one.  If there is time left, we will play a game.  Everyone should try to return tents and other gear to the troop as soon as possible.

9/21/2015: 2nd Meeting
We do the flag ceremony as normal, and have a presentation on camping and boating.  We will then plan our meals for the September campout.

9/25/2015-9/27/2015: September Campout
We are planning to do a campout which involves camping and boating.