Upcoming events for January

Upcoming events:

Ski Night at Mount Brighton 1/16/15

Scuba training 1/17/14 at Dexter Wylie pool at 4pm until 7pm. What to bring: bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes. Cost: $39

Ski Trip Details

Hello Troop 7,

I hope that everyone’s new year is off to a happy and healthy start.
Let’s talk skiing–
The date is Friday, February 13 to Sunday, February 15, and we will be skiing two of the largest slopes that the lower peninsula can offer–Boyne Highlands (552 vertical feet) and Nubs Nob (427 vertical feet).   Both resorts offer a variety of slopes for all levels, beginner to expert.  We will be staying in a wood-heated cabin in Wilderness State Park, eating breakfasts at the cabin, picnic lunches at the resort, and a Saturday dinner at a nearby restaurant.
As with previous ski trips, the cost is very affordable–$130 plus rental (from Sun and Snow, if needed).
Permission Slips due:
  • January 5th or 12th (both troop meetings) or January 19th (note this is scheduled to be an offsite Junior Leader Training Day)
Payment due:
  • January 5th or 12th (both troop meetings) or January 19th (see above)
Ski Fittings at Sun and Snow, if needed:
  • NOW (the sooner the better) through January 19th (tell them you are with Troop 7)
Looking forward to a great trip.

January Meetings

Hello Troop 7,

We have an exciting January coming up.  Below is our schedule.  And remember to add Friday (tbd) Ski Nights at Mount Brighton.

Jan 5: Troop Meeting–the Patrol Shuffle

Jan 12: Troop Meeting–possible SCUBA Presentation

Jan 17: Saturday SCUBA (tbd)

Jan 19:  MJLT on MLKJ–Mandatory Junior Leader Training on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  10:00 AM at First Presbyterian Church. This training will focus on leadership, individual jobs, and practical exercises, and is mandatory for all Scouts with positions in Troop 7. Lunch will be provided by the adults.

Jan 26: Troop Meeting



Upcoming Meetings and Activities

Upcoming events and meetings:

12-1-14: Troop meeting

  • Color guard: Cobras
  • Ski night announcements
  • Announcement: Need a service project

12-8-14: Troop meeting

  • Meeting in Monteith Hall (not usually place)
  • Making christmas cards for veterans this meeting (service project)
  • Color guard: Snail monkeys

12-15-14: Troop meeting

  • Color Guard: Fennikz
  • Patrol shuffles

PLC Meeting: January 5th

  • (planning meeting)

2/13/15- 2/16/15: Ski Trip

  • Meet at sun and snow sports
  • 3 days of skiing
  • Staying in cabin
  • We make breakfast, but no cooking for breakfast.
  • Eating out for dinner

PLC Meeting tonight

Hello Troop 7,

The church was very appreciative of our work on Saturday.  Thank you to all who ventured out in the questionable weather.  Actual leaf raking went well–the Scouts stayed dry and the church grounds look great!
Just a reminder that we have a PLC meeting tonight.  Look forward to seeing you tonight.

7:00 PM Court of Honor

Hello Troop 7. Tonight is our Court of Honor, beginning at 7:00 PM. Please note the earlier time.

Note that this is not a dinner, so please eat with your family before the event.

Bringing snacks or a dessert to share for afterwards is not necessary, but more than welcome.


Haunted Woods Campout and Scio Township

Hello Troop 7,

Are you ready for a great weekend? Weather is going to be perfect! The food is going to be awesome (I just helped two grub masters shop for food, and bacon was included!) And hopefully all you are ready for a hauntingly good time, and remember your costume.

A couple important notes–

1. We are meeting at Village Kitchen at 5:30 PM Friday. We did not plan on cooking dinner for Friday, so please come fed, if at all possible.

2. We will be arriving back at Village Kitchen at 10:00 AM on Sunday. This gives the Scouts enough time to clean-up before our Scio Township Service Project which runs from 1:00 to 4:00. Please arrive at the Scio Township Fire Station on Zeeb Road by 12:30 if possible. Class A’s for Scio Township.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble. (from Macbeth)


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