Monday’s Meeting

Hello Troop 7,

This Monday will be the last meeting this school year.  We will be meeting at the Fuller Park Pool.

From 7:00 – 8:00 pm, we will be doing our physical fitness requirement, since this will be  our fourth week since starting.  Please bring the plan you made at the beginning and the log of your exercise.

From 8:00 – 9:00 pm, we will be doing the swim test for summer camp.  Please bring $4 for entry to the pool.  If the weather is bad, we will need to cancel, but currently it looks like it won’t rain.

Biking Campout

Hello Troop 7,

Our biking campout is next weekend!  We will be biking about 14 or 15 miles, and possibly more for scouts who are interested.  We will begin the ride at Barton Nature Area and end at Hudson Mills Metropark.

This biking trip will also meet a requirement for the cycling merit badge.  If you are interested in doing the merit badge, come to the meeting tomorrow for more information.

For more details about the trip, please see the permissions slip that was sent out by email.


Upcoming Meetings

Troop 7,
Our next two troop meetings are important, and we would like everyone to attend.  Here are the details:
  • February 27th – We will be holding the Order of the Arrow election.
  • March 6th – We will be holding the SPL election.  In addition, new patrols will be made, and patrol leaders will be elected.

Scout Sunday

Troop 7,

This Sunday the 26th is Scout Sunday. On this day, we thank the church for their continued support with our troop.  Please plan on arriving at 9:00 am for early service or 10:30 am for late service.


Spring Update

Troop 7,

Here is an update on our spring activities:
  • Scout Sunday: February 26 (9:00 am or 10:30 am)
  • Biking Trip: March 25
  • Boxcar Derby: April 9
  • Capture the Flag Campout: April 21 – 23
  • Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee: May 12 – 14
  • Spelunking Mammoth Cave: May 26 – May 29
  • Summer Camp: June 25 – July 1

PLC Meeting Tonight

Hello Troop 7,
We will be having a PLC meeting tonight at 7:30 to 8:45.
There will be a PLC pre-meeting involving Assistant Scout Masters and the ASPL at 7:10.
All leadership is required to attend. Everyone else is strongly encouraged to come since we are making campout decisions.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Hello Troop 7,
Our schedule is different for November and December, as we are fitting in Leader Specific Training and PLC Planning meetings.
November 14:   Scoutmaster Conferences, Board of Reviews, and tent/equipment return at 7:30 PM.
November 19:  Leaf Raking starting at 8:00 AM, followed by our Fall Court of Honor at 11:00 AM.

November 21: Leader Specific Training  (7:30 PM to 8:30 PM)
November 28:  Leader Specific Training (7:30 PM to 8:30 PM)
December 5 : Leader Specific Training (7:30 PM to 8:30 PM)
Leader Specific Training is for every Scout who holds a leadership position.
December 12: PLC and year planning meeting
December 19: PLC and year planning meeting

Haunted Woods

Hello Troop 7,

We are going to the Haunted Woods this weekend.  Here are some of the details.
The details:
  • Meeting at the McDonald’s on Plymouth Road and Nixon (Have the permission slip and payment ready)
  • Set-up scare station from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Set-up camp and eat dinner 5:00 PM
  • Camp Saturday night
  • Take down Sunday morning
  • Arrive back at McDonalds
The food:
  • All the food will be provided.
  • Costumes
  • Halloween props
  • Warm sleeping gear (clothes, bag, and pad)
  • Mess kit
  • Permission form + payment
For more details, please see the email and the permission slip that was sent out.

Upcoming Activities

Hi Troop 7,

Here is our list of campouts for this year. The campouts were decided at the recent PLC and were based on the responses we got over email from patrol members.
  • September 24: Rendezvous 2016 Scout Fun Day
  • September 30 – October 2: Canoeing
  • October 21-23: Haunted Woods at Camp Munhacke
  • November 5-6: Backpacking at Huron National Forest
  • December 2-4: Cabin Campout (possibly with sledding)
  • January 14-15: Silversides Submarine
  • February 3-5 or 10-12 or 17-19: Skiing at Caberfae Peaks
  • March 24-26: Biking Campout
  • April: Troop Soapbox Derby
  • May 12-14: Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee
  • May 26-29: Spelunking
  • June 25-July 1: Summer Camp at Gerber Scout Reservation
  • July 19-28: International Jamboree at Summit Bechtel Reserve (This is only for people interested, our entire troop is not going)
  • August: Troop Day Picnic (Date to be determined)

Last Meeting This Year

Hello Troop 7,

Our last troop meeting is Monday, June 6th.  We will discuss summer camp packing and logistics.  I encourage parents to attend.
This is also my call for any troop equipment you may have–tents, pots/pans, etc.  Please bring them back this coming up Monday.
Thank you,

Swim Test

Hello Troop 7,

On Monday, May 16, we will be meeting at Mack Pool to take our swim tests.  Please arrive at 7:50 PM.  If you are going on the Whitewater Rafting Trip and/or Summer Camp, we strongly recommend that you come.


White Water Rafting Trip

Hi Troop 7,

This memorial day weekend (May 27-30th), we are going white water rafting in West Virginia.  The permission slip and waiver were sent out by email.  This is our biggest trip of the year and we need the permission slips and money turned in ASAP, preferably by tonight’s meeting.
We have a lot of younger scouts attending the White Water Rafting trip this year.  Many of the younger scout will not reach the height and age requirements for Sunday’s rafting adventure, (especially if the water is rough) so we will be splitting into two groups; one group doing the more advanced white water rafting and the other will either go to a water park or go on a less intense section of the river.

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