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9/28/15 PLC Notes

Hello Troop 7,
Here is a summary of our PLC Meeting (Patrol Leaders’ Council) on 9/28.

10/5: Troop Meeting
We will be doing planning for our Haunted Woods Campout.

10/12: Troop Meeting
We will be preparing for our Haunted Woods Campout.

10/19: Troop Meeting
We will do meal planning for our Haunted Woods Campout.

10/23-10/25: Haunted Woods Campout

10/25: Service Project at Scio Township Fire Department

10/26 7:00: PLC Meeting
10/26 7:30: Troop Meeting
We will have a presentation on backpacking.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Upcoming meetings

2/2/15: Troop Meeting
Color Guard: Blue Fire
Presentation: How duty roasters work
Patrol Breakouts: Meal planning for ski trip
Snacks follow meeting

2/9/15: Troop Meeting
Color Guard: The Flock
Presentations: How to stay warm and hydrated
Patrol Breakouts: Practice on setting up tents
Snacks follow meeting

2/23/15: PLC Meeting

Upcoming events

1. Ski trip

Date: 13-15 of February
Location: Meet at Village Kitchen
Sleeping: Staying in cabin at Wilderness State Park
Meals: We make breakfast, while possibly eating out for dinner
Two days of skiing

2. Ski night on 1/30/15 at Mount Brighton

Date: 1/30/15
Location: 4141 Bauer Road, Brighton, MI 48116

Merit badges

Family life available, contact troop for more information.

Upcoming events for January

Upcoming events:

Ski Night at Mount Brighton 1/16/15

Scuba training 1/17/14 at Dexter Wylie pool at 4pm until 7pm. What to bring: bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes. Cost: $39

Upcoming Meetings and Activities

Upcoming events and meetings:

12-1-14: Troop meeting

  • Color guard: Cobras
  • Ski night announcements
  • Announcement: Need a service project

12-8-14: Troop meeting

  • Meeting in Monteith Hall (not usually place)
  • Making christmas cards for veterans this meeting (service project)
  • Color guard: Snail monkeys

12-15-14: Troop meeting

  • Color Guard: Fennikz
  • Patrol shuffles

PLC Meeting: January 5th

  • (planning meeting)

2/13/15- 2/16/15: Ski Trip

  • Meet at sun and snow sports
  • 3 days of skiing
  • Staying in cabin
  • We make breakfast, but no cooking for breakfast.
  • Eating out for dinner

PLC Notes

Another great PLC planning meeting.  Thanks to all who came!

PLC notes 9-4-14:

Up Coming Meetings:


8: Tent check, Games, Snacks

15: Color guard: Snail Monkeys Debrief on campout, Work on requirements, Snacks

22: Color guard: Cobras, Plan haunted woods campout, Game at the end, Snacks

29: To be Planned

Up Coming Camping Trips:

September 13-14: Campout (one night)

October 24th: Haunted woods campout