Fall Color Hike

Hello Troop 7,

This month’s campout is the Family Fall Color Hike. We will be meeting at Camp Munhacke at 10:00 am on Saturday (Oct. 12), followed by a hike along the Potawatomi Trail. We will be spending the night at the Hilltop Cabin/Campground. You may choose to spend the night indoors or outdoors, although it is strongly encouraged for all scouts to sleep in a tent.

For those that cannot arrive at 10:00, you may come at another time on Saturday… just make sure to meet us at our campsite. Dinner and breakfast will be provided by the troop.

The pickup time is 10:00 – 11:00 AM on Sunday. Make sure your parents can pick you up around this time (or make alternate carpool arrangements with another adult).

If you are planning to go, but you did not attend the last troop meeting, please email your patrol leader.