Fall Schedule

Hello Troop 7,

I hope everyone had a good start to school.  I‘m looking forward to seeing everyone in our troop again.

Our first meeting is Monday, September 14, at 7:30 PM in the Social Hall.  Our first trip is scheduled for Friday, September 25 – Sunday, September 27.  We will be canoeing and camping on the Huron River. 

We have an exciting fall planned for us.  Here is our schedule up to Thanksgiving—

Sept 14: First Troop Meeting
Sept 21: Troop Meeting
Sept 25-27: Canoe Campout
Sept 28: PLC Meeting
Oct 5: Troop Meeting
Oct 12: Troop Meeting
Oct 19: Troop Meeting
Oct 23-25: Haunted Woods at Munhacke
Oct 26: PLC Meeting
Nov 2: Troop Meeting
Nov 6-8: Backpacking
Nov 9: Troop/PLC Meeting?
Nov 16: Troop Meeting
Nov 21: Leaf Raking
Nov 23: Troop Meeting