Upcoming Meetings and Activities

Upcoming events and meetings:

12-1-14: Troop meeting

  • Color guard: Cobras
  • Ski night announcements
  • Announcement: Need a service project

12-8-14: Troop meeting

  • Meeting in Monteith Hall (not usually place)
  • Making christmas cards for veterans this meeting (service project)
  • Color guard: Snail monkeys

12-15-14: Troop meeting

  • Color Guard: Fennikz
  • Patrol shuffles

PLC Meeting: January 5th

  • (planning meeting)

2/13/15- 2/16/15: Ski Trip

  • Meet at sun and snow sports
  • 3 days of skiing
  • Staying in cabin
  • We make breakfast, but no cooking for breakfast.
  • Eating out for dinner