PLC Planning Meeting Monday July 28

Hello Troop 7

We have a PLC planning meeting on Monday July 28.  I’ve spoken to many of the Scouts about what activities they are hoping to do next year.  Here are the results, in order of the level of excitement I heard–

1.   A Northern Michigan Ski Trip

2.  Backpacking, possibly with two levels of expertise

3.  Camping (of course!!!)

Looking forward to meeting with our leaders and filling in the calendar


Tom Chettleburgh

Scoutmaster, Troop 7

Troop 7 Scoutmaster

Hello,  I am the new Scoutmaster for Troop 7 in Ann Arbor.  I invite you to check our troop out–we meet Monday nights during the school year at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Ann Arbor.  Our monthly trips this past year included White Water Rafting on the New River in WV, bicycling, kayaking, shooting sports (rifles, archery, and shotgun), and of course Summer Camp–this 2104 at Camp Gerber.

We had 4 Eagle Scouts this past year, and pride ourselves in boy-led leadership and advancement.  We currently have about 30 active youth Scouts.

Please feel free to email me for more information.

Tom Chettleburgh

Troop 7 boy scout website